Earn an extra £100 to £500 (or more) per week

working from home

Take a look back at your last five years

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If are looking for a spare-time/part-time income of £100 per week, or a full-time income of £500 (or more) per week, we can help. We offer the opportunity to earn a substantial income, get a new start in life, be your own boss and improve your lifestyle.



Whatever your employment status, you need to think about your future.

The majority of employed people live from pay-cheque to pay-cheque. It is likely that you will have very little money left at the end of each month to save for luxuries, holidays and that “rainy day”. It is important to remember that any employer will only ever pay you the minimum that they think that you are worth. Also, in times of company hardship (such as a downturn due to a recession), your Manager is far more likely to make you redundant before making themselves redundant.

All employed people need to ask themselves some simple questions: Is my job safe? Will it survive a cost-cutting exercise? Will the company I work for survive the next few years? If the answer to ALL THREE questions is “yes” then you are very lucky indeed. If however the answer to any question is “no” then you will need some kind of backup plan, or savings of at least 3-6 months worth of pay. It is a sad fact that the majority of employed people fall into the latter category with no backup plan and no savings.

For the self-employed, what product or service do you offer? Is it going to last? Will your business be able to cope with any down-turn in your field or in the economy? Is it recession proof?

If you are unfortunate enough to be unemployed at the moment, it is highly likely that you are thinking a great deal about your situation and the future: Whether it be your pension, the lack of work available or being able to live on the amount of benefit that you receive.

Our company is the most successful of its type in Europe with a reputation that is second to none. We offer the chance for you to take control of your life and earn what you want to earn. We guarantee your success in this business because we have a system which is based on skills that you can learn and we have the training program that will help you learn it. We have a range of exciting products and services which are continually reviewed and updated. This means that not only are we recession proof but also that there are excellent income opportunities for you.

  • Flexibility - Work around your present occupation and family commitments
  • No Limitation on earnings - Earn as much as you want
  • No experience or qualifications required - All training will be given
  • Home based - No commuting required
  • Start earning from day one with our simple proven system
  • Risk free opportunity with guaranteed success by following our simple proven system

Have a look at what we have to offer:

We have two levels of opportunity available:

  • An income opportunity for those who want to earn a second income
  • A business opportunity for those who want to create a lifestyle


Just some of the people who have improved their income and lifestyle























This business has been working successfully for many years

You only need 10/15 hrs a week to build it

"I was getting bored in my job as a computer programmer, and was always frustrated by my boss always stopping me from progressing as fast as I wanted, both in terms of my pay and my knowledge. A friend introduced me to a home based business opportunity where I could earn an extra income around my current commitments and progress as fast as I wanted. As we had just moved into a house that needed a great deal of work doing to it, we started this business to earn an extra £50 per week. We soon found that we could earn far more than just £50 per week just from the income opportunity part of this business, and by working with other people and helping them to realise their dreams in the business opportunity part of this business our income grew even higher. As a result, our house is much further forward than we ever thought was possible. I am excited about the future of this business and we plan to extend the house to include a sunroom containing an eight-man hot-tub and a fourth bedroom with en-suite."


Below is a Story of someone who joined this business

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